Global Life Science Ventures — Investing in the life sciences

Global Life Science Ventures (GLSV) is a leading, independent venture capital fund focusing exclusively on the life sciences. GLSV is dedicated to supporting early-stage groups, originating from universities, scientific institutions or industry. The fund may also invest in selected later stage companies, including buy-outs. For this purpose, GLSV provides finance, advice and access to expertise and networks. The group currently advises and manages funds totalling more than € 200 million. With offices in Germany and Switzerland, GLSV acts as one team with a global perspective.

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Lead investor in European home markets

close associations with investees —
commitment to long-term relationships

In its home markets, GLSV seeks to be the lead investor or an active co-investor. Through the proximity of its offices in local markets, GLSV is able to establish a close relationship with its investees. This facilitates on-going advice and support, additional finance for follow-on rounds as well as access to its international network of advisors. The commitment is long-term offering flexible assistance to the changing needs of growing companies. Outside of the home markets, GLSV only acts as a knowledgeable co-investor.