Global Life Science Ventures — Investing in the life sciences

Global Life Science Ventures (GLSV) was a leading, independent venture capital fund focusing exclusively on the life sciences. GLSV was dedicated to supporting early-stage groups, originating from universities, scientific institutions or industry. The fund also invested in selected later stage companies, including buy-outs. For this purpose, GLSV provided finance, advice and access to expertise and networks. The group advised and managed funds totaling more than € 200 million. With offices in Germany and Switzerland, GLSV acted as one team with a global perspective.
The first fund started its activities in 1996 and invested in 18 companies. The second fund GLSV II started in 2001 and invested in 18 companies primarily in Europe and the US. After termination of the investment period, the fund exited the remaining assets in 2015 and is in liquidation.

Currenty, no new investments are being sought.

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Frequently asked questions

What is your investment focus?
GLSV invests exclusively in the life sciences. The geographic focus is on Europe, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland and home markets in German-speaking countries, as well as the United States of America. Predominantly, investments have, and will continue to be made, in early-stage innovative companies. Selected investments may also be made in later stages including buy-outs.

Who are the investors of GLSV?
Investors in GLSV II include leading European banks, insurance companies, fund-of-funds and family offices.

What are your investment criteria and how do you value a company?
GLSV identifies and focuses on investment proposals with high potential. After a preliminary review and selection of business plans, which is followed by first personal presentations, a typical due diligence process will include an assessment of the scientific or technological concept, the unique selling proposition, the international competitiveness, intellectual property protection as well as the management team. Depending on the stage of development of the company, the analysis may also cover past and current operating performance, management controls and reporting systems. The due diligence is concluded by the preparation and finalisation of the legal documents.

Do you also invest in late stage companies?
In certain cases, GLSV may decide to invest in later stage companies, including buy-outs, which fulfil its investment criteria.

Which location should I contact?
If your company is domiciled in one of the countries in which GLSV maintains an office, you are encouraged but not obliged to contact that office directly. Alternatively, you may contact any of our locations in Germany or Switzerland.

How long does the investment process take?
Depending on the complexity of the project and availability of information, the due diligence process, which excludes the period for drafting and finalising of legal documents, may vary from three to six months on average. In exceptional cases, the time period may be shorter or longer.

How much on average do you invest in a company?
Up to 10% of the fund volume can be invested in a company. Depending on the stage of development of the company, and the likelihood of further funding requirements, GLSV may on average invest 2-5 million Euros in a company per round of investment.

Do you support follow-on financing?
GLSV uses its resources to support follow-on financing rounds for companies active in the life sciences. As a commitment to long-term growth, GLSV also provides opportunities and support to build syndicates for follow-on financing rounds.