Global Life Science Ventures — Investing in the life sciences

Global Life Science Ventures (GLSV) is a leading, independent venture capital fund focusing exclusively on the life sciences. GLSV is dedicated to supporting early-stage groups, originating from universities, scientific institutions or industry. The fund may also invest in selected later stage companies, including buy-outs. For this purpose, GLSV provides finance, advice and access to expertise and networks. The group currently advises and manages funds totalling more than € 200 million. With offices in Germany and Switzerland, GLSV acts as one team with a global perspective.

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Team and biographies

an industry-born team —
investment strength through complementary skills
science, industry and finance

GLSV has established a strong investment team and a network of advisors with many years of complementary experience in the life science industry. The expertise of the team ranges from industrial experience in molecular biology, immunology, diagnostics and medical devices, to marketing, senior level strategic business development, strategy consulting, finance and administration. This combination of skills gives companies access to a wealth of knowledge in science, industry and finance that can be used to shape a successful commercial undertaking.

The in-house expertise of the investment team will be fully exploited during the systematic evaluation of each potential investment. In addition, an external Expert Group has been established to expand this expertise on a case-by-case basis, using their comprehensive understanding of the underlying scientific principles and commercial trends and gaining access to their specific networks. The members, who have also been collaborating with GLS I and GLSV II, are highly recognised individuals with distinguished backgrounds in industry top management, investment banking and science. In addition, the investment team has access to a vast world-wide network of indication specific or technology experts from science as well as pharmaceutical and biotech industry.