Global Life Science Ventures Investing in the life sciences

Global Life Science Ventures (GLSV) is a leading, independent venture capital fund focusing exclusively on the life sciences. GLSV is dedicated to supporting early-stage groups, originating from universities, scientific institutions or industry. The fund may also invest in selected later stage companies, including buy-outs. For this purpose, GLSV provides finance, advice and access to expertise and networks. The group currently advises and manages funds totalling more than 200 million. With offices in Germany and Switzerland, GLSV acts as one team with a global perspective.

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Pro-active syndicate partner

capital, experience & networks
common investment philosophies
syndicate player

By being a syndicate player, GLSV opens up many opportunities for its portfolio companies. Through established long-term relationships, GLSV offers its investees access to the capital, experience and networks of a group of international venture capitalists that invest in the life sciences on a global scale. Syndicate partnerships are made with funds whose investment criteria and philosophy match those of GLSV.